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Welcome To Pizza Bob’s

When you’ve been in business as long as we have (39 years),
You tend to get a lot of questions such as,
“How do you make your wonderful Pizza Crust?”
“Can we have the recipe for your delicious Dressings?”

But, the one question that seems to be on everyone’s mind happens to be, “Is there really a Bob, or is that just some made up name?”
Yes, there really is a Bob, and to satisfy your curiosity,
here is his story …

Back in the 1960’s, a young Hawaii-born surfer named Bob Lee cruised down to Haleiwa Town and parked his surfboard on the sands of Oahu’s North Shore. There he rode the wild surf of Haleiwa, Pupukea, Waimea, and Chun’s Reef with surfing Greats Barry Kanaiaupuni, Fred Hemmings, and Gerry Lopez.

In 1970, restless from his carefree surfing days, Bob decided to experience life beyond the idyllic shores of Oahu. He traveled to the East Coast, where he fell in love with New York Pizzas. He then toured Europe, stumbled upon a quaint café in Paris, and discovered the best tasting pizza this side of Sicily. Combining the tastes and textures of both styles, Bob returned to Haleiwa to introduce his “raised edge” pizza to the local residents.

Appropriately, on Labor Day 1974, a little hole-in-the-wall pizza shop next to the Rainbow Bridge and Lantaka Store, opened its door. “It was a terrible time to open a new business”, recalls Bob. Haleiwa rolled up its sidewalks at 6 pm. The recession was in full swing, gas lines were long, and the economy was slow. Times were hard.

Somehow word got out about the little shop on the North Shore that served these “Great Pizzas”. Discriminating pizza lovers noticed the special attention Bob gave his creations – everything from using fresh produce from nearby Pupukea to making sauces from scratch with imported Virgin Olive Oil, custom blending Five International Cheeses and hand rolling his mouth-watering crust, which takes countless hours to prepare.

The popularity of Bob’s Pizza grew quickly. In no time his customers were calling him Pizza Bob. So, too, grew the demand for more space and more pizza! In fact, business was so great that Bob’s conventional ovens just couldn’t keep up with the demand. Within four months of opening, Bob needed to purchase a highly efficient convection (forced air) oven. Bob recalls the oven’s arrival as “the best Christmas present ever”.

Over time Pizza Bob’s has become known for more than legendary Pizza’s. Bob’s astonishing Hamburgers are made with the finest ground beef and served on in-house fresh baked buns. His imaginative salads, like the famed Haleiwa Veggie, are made with fresh local produce, served with home made dressing and crowned with in-house roasted cashew nuts.

His attention to detail continues. The Caesar Dressing is made from a classic recipe featuring imported Virgin Olive Oil and Parmesan Cheese. The House Dressing, made with buttermilk and fresh Lemon, is a local favorite. Every night, while most people are sleeping, Pizza Bob’s bakers are hard at work meticulously making Pizza dough, letting it rise twice and hand rolling it. They are also busy baking Hamburger and Sandwich buns using an old Tuscan bread recipe, as well as loaves of bread to make fresh croutons.

These time-honored traditions, along with providing a comfortable, friendly place to enjoy these delights have become Bob’s trademarks of quality and hospitality.

So, whether you’re out on the North Shore surfing, beaching, or just hanging out, consider Pizza Bob’s in your plans and join them for some Great Food and Legendary Pizza! As they approach their 40th year in business, Bob and the Staff of Pizza Bob’s would like to thank you, their loyal customers, for letting them serve you.

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